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Daily sketch May 28, 2014. The Boy Wonder.

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I finally got to met @maxgschneider ! πŸ’ Such a sweatheart who simply kills it when he’s on stage. It’s nice to see how noble he is dispite how far he’s gotten in life. And even though i wasn’t able to get my kiss picture, it was still an amazing night! 😊 #saymaxtour #lovedthecrew especially the band and the merch team, they were all so nice!! Oh & may I just say, what a #beautifulgirlfriend you have there. πŸ‘Œ which by the way, thank you for taking the picture! #signmeupforthenexttour β™‘ (at Constellation Room at the Observatory)

So this happened… #maxschneider #thefeels




cute underwear is the best cure all for low self esteem

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one day, i’m gonna marry a guy like this, and he’s gonna be the best father to our kids, ever.Β 

i reblog every. single. time

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